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Why Chefs Still Love the Antique Slicer

The antique slicers were really sharp and a functional art. Such is the reason why there are many, a lot of them are chefs, who are very interested when it comes to having such Berkel meat slicer. For the chef, such is about feel and control. Since the machine comes with a manual operation, then one can surely take control of the many things which include the speed in slicing the meat. One is able to get a smooth slicing when one finds the right momentum and when one is able to get into rhythm.

For a lot of such individuals, the Berkel meat slicer isn’t only a meat slicer but this is considered to be the world’s greatest and finest. Actually, the first meat slicer was made such Dutch butcher and also engineer Berkel in the year 1898. Since he already got tired of cutting meat with the use of the knife, then he opted for such mechanism in order to slice paper-thin meat easily just the same as riding a bike. Such flyweel design which he made used such hand crank and this was also connected to that simple gear system that both spun such concave blade and moved the meat against such in a simultaneous manner.

Berkel surely made fine butchery really user-friendly and for this reason, there was a huge impact of his invention in history and also the culinary area. The Americans do love to eat lots of meat but it was around the turn of the century that there had been an increase in the demand from the rising middle class in different parts of the world.

In that world of the flywheel meat slicers, such vintage slicers like Berkel is still a favorite. From the original design of Berkel, there are so many companies out there which produced the flywheel slicers with the use of his patents. Those US Slicing Machine models that were made in the US starting in 1908 were looking like industrial sewing machines and they have that mechanical and streamlined look. But you can find an extra flare with those European-made Berkels. The vintage slicer is still loved until today because of the precise attention to detail and such old world craftsmanship.

When you are interested about looking for that antique slicer that you want, then you may check the internet. There are a lot of websites that you will be able to find where you can look for such antique slicers which you may get. For sure, there can be many options that you will be able to find. Depending on the budget that you are willing to spend, then you can certainly get what you are looking for. However, you must ensure that you would check the item first before buying it so that you can get the best from the purchase that you make.

What Research About Reviews Can Teach You

What Research About Reviews Can Teach You